Trucking Analysis, Consultation & Expert Testimony


The expertise you and your client require for navigating the trucking/commercial motor vehicle related litigation maze. 

Michael K. Napier, Sr. is a uniquely qualified expert with more than 40 years of total industry related experience.

Our Team is a fully staffed firm with a team boasting nearly 100 years of combined experience. The technical and specialized knowledge, experience and training are our strength. We make available to our clients the real world expertise and the proven applicable standards of care, which collectively serve to provide responsible and competent operators of commercial motor vehicles, and the associated industries, with the appropriate management controls and systems necessary to ensure effective, efficient and safe operations.

We will continue to attract the brightest minds in this environment with the offer of unlimited growth potential and the opportunity to work with a team that consists of the most experienced overland transportation related professionals in the industry. Steadfast integrity, customer service and the accuracy of our work will always remain the foundation and the core of our associations with not only our clients, but with all who we come in contact. Knowledge, experience, and education along with a perpetual learning mentality must be the essential characteristics of any employee working on the team.

The team is dedicated to the highest level of preparation, research, accuracy and quality of work that is unparalleled in the expert witness arena.

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