Trucking Analysis, Consultation & Expert Testimony


The expertise you and your client require for navigating the trucking/commercial motor vehicle related litigation maze.

Michael K. Napier, Sr. is a uniquely qualified expert with more than 40 years of total industry related experience.

Our Facilities’s offices are located in Macon, Georgia; 85 miles South of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and minutes off of I-75. The physical office space is conveniently located on the ground level of this 7000 square foot office building, which Mr. Napier personally designed with the needs of litigators in mind. The office space is sound-proofed and the building provides for three luxurious, oversized, state of the art conference rooms. These facilities will accommodate a myriad of functions, to include multi-party depositions. We also have video conferencing available as an option to fit the needs of today’s busy litigators.

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