Trucking Analysis, Consultation & Expert Testimony


The expertise you and your client require for navigating the trucking/commercial motor vehicle related litigation maze.

Michael K. Napier, Sr. is a uniquely qualified expert with more than 40 years of total industry related experience.

Regulatory and Industry Standards Of Care

Hours of Service and Symptoms of Fatigue

Industry Specific Training and Evaluation

Entry Level Driver Training

Safety & Health Standards; OSHA

Preservation of Records

Corporate Financial Statements

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Accident Investigation

Accident Countermeasures

Brokers of Property

Freight Forwarders

Levels of Financial Responsibility

Out of Service Violations

Registration and Insurance

Process Agent Designation

Electronic Control Modules-ECMs (i.e. Black-box)

Satellite Tracking Systems/GPS

EOBR-Electronic logs

Non-CMV Driving Employees

Common, Contract, Private or Exempt

Motor Carriers

Driver Qualifications

Driver Medical Qualifications

Commercial Driver Licenses

Hiring, Retention and Supervision

Employer-Employee Relationships

Owner-Operators and Contract Drivers

Accident Contributing Factors

Driver Skills Testing


Cargo Securement

Intermodal Transportation

DOT Compliance Reviews

Operating Authority

Trucking Company Research Data

Hazardous Material Regulations

Motor Carrier Compliance

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