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The expertise you and your client require for navigating the trucking/commercial motor vehicle related litigation maze.

Michael K. Napier, Sr. is a uniquely qualified expert with more than 40 years of total industry related experience.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety & Compliance Expert

Contributing Factors & Preventability Analysis

Need for a Safety & Compliance Expert

Mike Napier’s Education & Experience

Corporate Financial Statements
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Accident investigation
Safety and Health Standards
Brokers of Property
Preservation of Records
Levels of Financial Responsibility
Out of Service Violations
Registration and Insurance
Process Agent Designation
Operating Authority
Trucking Companies
Contract Carriers
Common Carriers
Private Carriers
Exempt Commodity Carriers
Hazardous Material Regulations
Lease and Interchange of Vehicles

Driver Skills Testing
Commercial Driver Licenses
Cargo Securement
Electronic Command Modules
Qualcomm Systems
Truck and Trailer Inspections
Company Compliance Reviews
Truck Accident Causations
Regulatory Compliance
Truck Driver Qualifications
Inter and Intrastate Commerce
Equipment Inspection, Repair Maintenance
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Title 49 CFR
Hours of Service
Cargo Losses
Truck Driver Duties on the road
Fuel Tax Reporting
Physical Fitness Requirements
Safety Fitness and Ratings
and much more

Retaining You Expert

Whether the task involves a complex lawsuit, a claim for benefits, or simple analysis of specific documents, integrity and the best interest of the client always comes first. Mr. Napier will discuss every case with you and personally analyze the merits of your case. His involvement will help you take the most appropriate action for all parties involved.

There are numerous documents that the motor carrier must generate, review, maintain and keep current in order to ensure driver and motor carrier compliance. When patterns of noncompliance and negligence are identified, those conclusions can be instrumental in outlining the case to the court. In contrast, expert witness testimony can be helpful to any motor carrier found to be in compliance when allegations are made to the contrary.

Mr. Napier provides prompt and accurate assessments, whether it is regarding how the industry interprets the regulations or simply answering the numerous questions that arise with each case. This is the attribute which has become the hallmark of his business. Mr. Napier is a resourceful and cost-effective leader committed to excellence. The retention of Mr. Napier, as either an analyst, consultant or expert witness, will put years of valuable trucking and commercial vehicle experience on your team.

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