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The expertise you and your client require for navigating the trucking/commercial motor vehicle related litigation maze.

Michael K. Napier, Sr. is a uniquely qualified expert with more than 40 years of total industry related experience.

Commercial Motor Vehicles & Truck Accident Litigation

Trucking ExpertLitigation resulting from collisions, on-the-job injuries, contractual arrangements or nearly any dispute associated with motor carrier operation of tractor trailers, or any of the other myriad of commercial motor vehicles, most often becomes remarkably complex. Not only do the involved vehicles come with varying characteristics, but the owners or controlling companies (employers) also provide a multitude of services, sometimes taking on or assuming multiple roles. These diverse and complex variables, include, but are not limited to, operating jurisdiction, type of carrier, distance traveled, size and/or type of commodity/cargo hauled, etc., all of which must be considered in order to properly assess and apply the standards of care that may be germane to the facts associated with a specific collision or other dispute.

Industry Standards of Care for Fleet Vehicles

Trucking ExpertThese industry employers are required to be knowledgeable and comply with the applicable standards of care. More often than not, for a litigator or for a jurist, discernment of the issues, especially when identifying preventability or the contributing factors for collisions, can be akin to searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. The ability to understand and, more importantly, provide clear real-world explanations of the finer details of the business practices, equipment operations, regulatory and industry standards, are essential elements in the handling of these cases.

Need for Motor Carrier & Motor Fleet Consultant

Trucking ExpertsThe diversity of motor carrier and motor fleet operations, the ever-changing regulatory and industry standards of care, as well as the overall complexity regarding the inner-workings of trucking transportation/commercial motor vehicle operations requires the expertise of an industry specific, seasoned professional. Additionally, the operations and respective duties of those numerous contiguous associated industries that operate in conjunction with the commercial motor vehicle transportation industry, such as, shipping, receiving, broker operations, freight forwarding, equipment leasing, and warehousing, to name a few – requires that even the most seasoned litigator [Plaintiff or Defense] employ the expertise of an experienced, trained, educated and respected expert in order to systematically navigate the peculiarities of trucking litigation and these associated industries.

Qualified Expert Analysis & Testimony

Trucking ExpertThe expertise you and your client require for navigating this trucking/commercial motor vehicle related litigation maze can be provided by Mr. Michael K. Napier, Sr. He is a uniquely qualified expert with more than 40 years of total industry related experience, which includes 20 years of service as a United States Marine Corps Logistician and over 20 years in the private sector. His involvement in the trucking and the associated industries ranges from driver to chief executive officer, and almost every conceivable position in between.

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