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Meet Your Expert

A United States Marine, Michael K. Napier, Sr. retired honorably from the Corps as a Master Sergeant with 20 years of service – working specifically in the area of logistics & transportation.  Upon retirement, Mr. Napier successfully and profitably operated and performed in the private sector of the trucking industry and various applications of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operations for nearly 20 more years.  Mr. Napier is an accomplished expert, who stands apart from his peers.  He is recognized and well-respected by those close to and within the trucking litigation, analysis, consultation and expert witness testimony arena.  If your case(s) requires a trucking industry “Expert” who not only knows the written text of the regulatory standards, but also has hands-on trucking industry experience unparalleled by anyone in his field, with an unmatched ability to present his knowledge, experience, education and training without difficulty and backed with integrity, then look no further – Michael K. Napier, Sr. is that expert!

Mr. Napier,  operations arms his clients with the upper hand when attempting to resolve disputes.  Having never been successfully challenged under Daubert or Frye, Mr. Napier employs the industry’s well-recognized and established methodology(s) in order to provide his clients with an accurate and honest evaluation of the issues that may or may not be present in their case(s).  Mr. Napier’s guidance from beginning to end, discovery through trial, provides his clients with the confidence they need to see their case(s) through, providing unmatched analysis, straightforward consulting, and sound, reliable expert opinions and expert witness testimony.  (See Curriculum Vitae)

The retention of Mr. Napier, as an expert analyst, consultant and/or witness will put years of valuable industry management and commercial motor vehicle driving experience on your team.  This is the attribute which has become the hallmark of his business.

Mr. Napier’s distinctive and diverse experience includes, but is not limited to, the following issues:

Regulatory and Industry Standards Of Care

Hours of Service and Symptoms of Fatigue

Industry Specific Training and Evaluation

Entry Level Driver Training

Safety & Health Standards; OSHA

Preservation of Records

Corporate Financial Statements

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Accident Investigation

Accident Countermeasures

Brokers of Property

Freight Forwarders

Levels of Financial Responsibility

Out of Service Violations

Registration and Insurance

Process Agent Designation

Electronic Control Modules-ECMs (i.e. Black-box)

Satellite Tracking Systems/GPS

EOBR-Electronic logs


Non-CMV Driving Employees

Common, Contract, Private or Exempt

Motor Carriers

Driver Qualifications

Driver Medical Qualifications

Commercial Driver Licenses

Hiring, Retention and Supervision

Employer-Employee Relationships

Owner-Operators and Contract Drivers

Accident Contributing Factors

Driver Skills Testing


Cargo Securement

Intermodal Transportation

DOT Compliance Reviews

Operating Authority

Trucking Company Research Data

Hazardous Material Regulations

Motor Carrier Compliance

Lease and Interchange Agreements

Truck Driver Duties

Various Motor Carrier Related Contracts

Interchange Agreements

Tractor/Trailer Inspections/Maintenance

Conspiquity Requirements

Interstate or Intrastate Rules

Cargo Claims or Losses

Third Partly Logistics Agents (3PL)


Motor Carrier Liabilities

Fuel Tax Reporting

DOT Safety Fitness and Ratings

Human Resource Issues

Facilities Management

and Much, Much More…

See Curriculum Vitae

About the Expert

  • Michael K. Napier, The Trucking Expert
  • Michael K. Napier, The Trucking Expert
  • Michael K. Napier, The Trucking Expert
  • Michael K. Napier, The Trucking Expert

With over 40 years of Transportation Industry Experience, ranging from truck driver to CEO, Michael K. Napier Sr. can provide the analysis neccesary to assist you.

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